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5/6 Group A, week of 4/14/14

Today’s reporters are Timyas and Kali.

We’re studying angles: complementary and supplementary. Supplementary angles are out of 180 degrees, and complementary angles are out of 90 degrees. We researched for our brochures for Project Open House. The brochures are about changing bodies, STDs, and other topics from the Puberty unit.

We’re studying Ancient Civilizations. People are in groups on different civilizations: Rome, Mesopotamia, Indus Valley (in India), Vikings, Kush (in Africa), and the Mayans. Timays: I’m in Vikings. I’m studying Viking raids. They did it to get money and wealth. They had to live off the land so sometimes they killed everyone to take over the land. Kali: I’m in Kush. Kush had a herb called Kush and they used to smoke it like cigars. I’m pretty sure that’s where they got the name of the drug today. We’re also studying the wars that the Kush were in. We’re learning to be experts on the civilizations. Each person takes a subtopic to research. In read-aloud Teacher Molly is reading mythologies that have to do with the ancient civilizations.

In PE we’re working on striking. Striking can be like spiking a volleyball, hitting a baseball, driving a golf ball, kicking a soccer ball. We’re done with all the fitness tests. At Playworks recess we’re doing flag tag. You get a flag, and if someone gets your flag you have to sit down and you keep your flag. If the person who got your flag gets his flag tagged, then you get up again.


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