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Teacher Nobie’s K/1 Class, 4/18/14

Above: Isalena is writing about cats and dogs. You can also see some of Margot’s writing about birds.

Today during Writing Workshop we wrote about animals.




When we were done, we had the opportunity to read our work aloud.



After that we moved on to Math. Some people had a worksheet with several steps: 1) count the items in each rectangle and write the number 2) cut apart the rectangles 3) glue them on a new sheet of paper in order from lowest to highest. Here’s Jocelyn at work:


Other people had a worksheet to practice addition and subtraction. Derick is deep in thought:


Our art project at Choice Time was making blank books. We folded card stock for the cover and blank paper for the insides.


We punched holes along the folded edge, threaded a ribbon through the holes, and tied a knot. Then our books are ready to be written! Iisis shows us two pages of her Spongebob book:



And Christopher shows us a page from his book:


At Closing Circle, we continued our new practice. When it’s your turn to share, you stand up, introduce yourself, and tell the class how you’re feeling. This is good practice for our Project Open House presentations.


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