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5/6 Class Group B, Week of 4/21/14

Today’s reporters are Ollie, Winnie, and Jessika.

This week we started drafting our paragraphs for our Ancient Civilizations topic. We’re reading non-fiction and taking many, many notes. Ollie: my topic is art and architecture in Mesopotamia. I never even heard of Mesopotamia until a few weeks ago, and now I learned so much! It’s really cool! They domesticated cows and pigs, and grew lettuce. Jessika: I’m writing about the sapa Inca, who’s the leader. Winnie: I’m writing about the women in the ancient Kush in Africa.

Jessika: We are making a book and writing chapters – each civilization will have a book, and each person writes a chapter. My friend Diana is writing about llamas, and my friend Ezekiel is writing about religion. It’s our project for this semester.

In Math we are learning about how to find areas with different formulas for different shapes, like triangles, trapezoids, rectangles, and parallelograms. We also learned about circumference and pi.

In Science we are making brochures for Project Open House. So people can read it and be like, “Oh, that’s what that was.” It’s like the whole realm of awkward!

In PE we’ve been doing lots of running. We got new equipment from Sportline. We’re supposed to remember the brand until the end of the class, but we keep forgetting. Jessika: I’m running the 5k in the Run for Recess on Sunday.


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