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Teacher Nobie’s K/1 Class, 4/25/14

Above: What does it mean to be a reptile or fish?

Our spring project is about animals, so we’ve been learning about the different types of animals. What does it mean to be an amphibian?


A souvenir from our trip to the California Academy of Sciences:

Lots of building at Choice Time today! Here’s Derick’s block creation:IMG_0136

And here’s Adrian’s:IMG_0135

Meanwhile, over in Magna Tiles, Ben made a fierce villain:IMG_0140

And Miranda, Camilo, and Christopher built castles:IMG_0139 IMG_0141

Who knew watercolors could be so active?IMG_0142

We also finished making our blank books. Adrian has finished his and is putting in the illustrations:


Naomi and Jocelyn made identical books on purpose. “We’re twinsies!”IMG_0137

Ever wondered how 20 kindergarteners and first-graders get cleaned up from Choice Time? Quickly and with a lot of teamwork. Everyone is responsible to help clean up the station he or she was at, and we have designated Table Helpers to put away materials, and Clean Up Crew to make sure the floor is clear and chairs are pushed in.IMG_0143We were indoors most of the day due to the rain, and everyone’s ready for the weekend!



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