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5/6 Classes Group B, week of 4/28/14

Today’s reporters are Diana and Julian.

In math we started the volume unit. We’re learning volumes of 3D shapes like cubes, cones, cylinders, prisms,pyramids.

In science we’re finishing up our puberty pamphlets. We’re doing our final drafts. The pamphlets are for Project Open House.

5th graders are testing this week so our schedule is messed up. 6th graders are testing next week. The grades don’t count, it’s a system test because we’re testing on computers this year. The scores don’t affect our grades.

Molly has been out a few days this week so we had two subs. When we have a sub we do reading and writing. We’re working on drafts for our ancient civilizations. Most groups have four people, one has five. Each group is working together to do a book about the civilization. Each person has a job to do:one is introduction, one is compare and contrast, and one is the conclusion. If there’s a fourth person there’s another compare and contrast. Diana: I’m doing an introduction for Incas. Julian: I’m doing a compare and contrast for Mayans. I’m comparing and contrasting Aztecs vs. Mayans. We’re also doing visuals. One person took care of Tower of Power, one took care of drawings, and one did pictures. Each person also writes a chapter on a topic for the civilization.

PE this week was very random. It’s all 6th graders and no 5th graders (because of testing). We did two days of Capture the Flag and Dogcatcher (it’s like Sharks and Minnows). Today we had to make up one thing to do for a mental challenge, a skill challenge, a speed challenge, and a strength challenge. We had one nominee from our group to do each challenge. Then the team with the most points won. Today we had some 3rd graders come into our class because Ms. Kathleen’s sub didn’t show up. So we had some 3rd graders on some of our teams. They were cool, just hanging out with us.

Sometimes if our teacher is out and the sub doesn’t show, we get broken up into smaller groups and go into other classes with a packet of work. It’s fun to go into the younger kids’ classes because once you’re done with your work, you can help out with the little kids. It’s not always as much fun to go into the older classes, because when you finish your work you need to just stay quiet and stay out of the way.

Eric’s advisory group helped to clean up the big yard this morning because it was such a mess! Advisory is first 20 minutes of the day. It’s a time to talk and hang out with friends. We get the newsletter and the information we need for the day. It’s a break before going to class.


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