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Teacher Nobie’s K/1 Class, 5/2/14

Above: Nathaniel laid out on the floor and had his friends make a Magna-Tile outline around him.

This week’s art project, inspired by our lovely warm weather, is windsock. What is a windsock? It’s a decoration designed to be hung up, that sways when the wind blows. It’s sort of like a visual wind chime.

Our windsocks were made this way:

  1. Take a toilet paper roll, or make a cylinder out of construction paper.
  2. Choose your colors of crepe paper streamers. They can be all one color, several different colors, maybe make a pattern.
  3. Tear your streamers to about the length of your arm.
  4. Staple them to the top of your roll or cylinder.
  5. If you would like, you may also attach them at the bottom, or add more streamers that go around your roll.
  6. Punch two holes near the top of your roll.
  7. Attach a pipe cleaner or piece of yarn through the holes to make your windsock’s handle.
  8. Find a breezy place to hang up your windsock and admire it!

Here’s our crew working away: Jocelyn, Margot, Camilo, and Miranda.IMG_0179

Miranda shows her completed windsock:IMG_0181

Ingrid and Jacob show their windsocks:IMG_0182


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