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Teacher Nobie’s K/1 Class, 5/9/14

Above: Camilo’s Magna-Tile outline

Today at Choice Time we finished making windsocks.

Derick and Nathaniel at work:IMG_0184

Ahndy shows his finished windsock: IMG_0186

Iisis finished hers right at the end:IMG_0187

Our Choice Time was a little shorter than usual today because we had a presentation by Edventure More. They were originally going to come see us in the morning, and then had to reschedule for the afternoon. The kindergarteners in our class went into Miss Veronica’s room to watch the presentation there, and our first graders hosted Miss Lauren’s class for a presentation in our room.

At closing circle, Teacher Nobie praised the class for being flexible in handling the switch in schedules. “We can be flexible with our bodies, and we can also be flexible with our time and attitude in how we approach things.”

Have a great weekend everyone!


Parent of an SFC 6th grader and an SFC '17 grad


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