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Teacher Nobie’s K/1 Class, 5/16/14

Above: Getting packed up at the end of the day

We’ve been working hard on our Animal Project this quarter. Everyone in class has picked an animal to focus on. Today we were making sketches of our animal’s habitat. How do we determine what is our animal’s habitat? Where does the animal sleep or rest, spend its waking hours, and what does it eat and drink? Down the side of the chart is a list of the animals we’ve picked.

IMG_0209Here are some of the sketches we drew. Ben’s animal is an elephant:IMG_0211Nathaniel’s is a bat, he’s drawing the night sky:IMG_0210Clockwise from the top left: bat, bat, bat, elephant:IMG_0208At Choice Time we started making our animal’s habitat as a small diorama in a box. Here’s Margot’s bat habitat, it looks a lot like her sketch above:


Ingrid’s animal is a polar bear, as seen on the top flap. It has a pile of fluffy snow to sleep in, a hole in the ice to fish at, a fish to eat, and a lantern to light up the dark Arctic night:IMG_0219

Isalena’s elephant has a wide open blue sky to walk under, trees and grass to eat, and a watering hole:IMG_0216Nathaniel’s bats are in the box, and on the lid are some bat food: bugs and fruit.IMG_0214

Working on the habitat boxes can take a while, so we’re going to work on them on several days next week. We’re also talking about animals’ physical traits:IMG_0221Elsewhere in Choice Time, Jacob and Younis made a Magna Tile pizza and started to eat it. Oops, that’s not real pizza boys! It shouldn’t go in the mouth!IMG_0217

Ahndy made a house out of Magna Tiles. It’s something like an amusement park ride too: “You can climb up the tall part then jump down and run around.”IMG_0215Only two more weeks until Project Open House and the end of the school year!


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