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Ms. Lauren’s Kinder – Soccer!


On Tuesday May 20th the kids from Ms. Lauren’s Kinder played a friendly game of soccer against their principal Nora.  This game was an auction item that was up for sale at SFC’s 2nd Annual Pie Social and Auction.  The item stated, “the lucky winner of this item will get to organize their own soccer team for the privilege of playing a match against the SFC staff… captained by our illustrious principal, Nora Houseman!  The match will be played during school hours – date and time TBD.”  Who wouldn’t want that??

Because one of the parents from Room 104 purchased the auction item it was decided that the kinder kids would play against Nora and and a few adults.  Nora organized the game in the Boys and Girls Club Gym.  The kids had no idea what what going on when they went down to play.  Once they realized they were playing a game of soccer (instead of doing regular school work) they were more than excited.  They all sat down and were told the rules and what teams they would be on. They were divided into 3 teams and each team played approximately 10 min.  There were 5 adults (Nora, 2 dads, 2 teachers).

The kids had so much fun!  They took turns playing and all the kids showed a lot of promise as future footballers!  This reporter was very surprised to see all the kids get so into playing this sport.  We are pretty sure the kids teams won (over the adults) but all showed great sportsmanship!  Those that weren’t playing were cheering (super loudly) for their fellow classmates.  Let’s go “Green” team, let’s go!! Let’s go “Blue” team, let’s go!  Let’s go “Red” team, let’s go!!

The adults were pretty wiped out too!  Especially after the 8th graders showed up and played the adults for about 10 min.  Fun was definitely had by all!


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