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Teacher Nobie’s K/1 Class, 5/23/14

Above: Our scrap pile of materials!

It’s been an exciting week in Room 102! We’ve been doing lots more work on our spring project, “Vertebrates All Around”. We worked as a class on our bulletin boards to illustrate animals in their habitats.

Bats have been very popular in our class, here is a flock of bats coming out of their cave:


A group of polar bears in snow and ice:


An elephant and wild cats living on the savannah:IMG_0250

Undersea (left) and animals living near a river (right)IMG_0252We did a lot more work on our habitat boxes too. Christy (Naomi’s mom) is working with Justin on his bat habitat:


More bats! Miranda’s bat has soared out of its cave into the night sky.

IMG_0258Ahndy’s bat is flying above a landscape with water and flowers- and a small red snake in the corner. “It’s the bat’s friend” Ahndy explained.IMG_0255

Ben also did a bat habitat (should we say “batitat”?)IMG_0254


Jocelyn’s sea turtle habitat:IMG_0257

Derick’s snake habitat, the snake is hidden in the lush green jungle:IMG_0256

A polar bear habitat:IMG_0246

Isalena added to her elephant habitat, most notably a giraffe friend – the yellow and orange stripe on the side; the giraffe is so tall you can’t see its head!IMG_0244We were so busy with our habitat boxes that we worked right through Choice Time! We got some extra Choice Time earlier this week, though, so it all evens out. At Closing Circle, Teacher Nobie remarked that he’s not sure which he’s most proud of: the work we’ve done this week learning about animals, or how everyone was able to transition from one task to another. As people finished working with their habitat boxes, they cleaned up their space and moved onto a quiet task on the rug: reading with their buddies, math, or writing work. “We weren’t able to do this at the beginning of the year- look how well you did this today.”

We’ve got a lot of exciting things planned for the last week of school next week- Thursday evening is Project Open House, and Friday morning we’re having a breakfast party with our families. Have a great weekend everyone!


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