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5th Grade Celebration

Above: Waiting to receive their certificates

On Tuesday we had a celebration for the 5th graders to mark the end of elementary school and their official moving on to middle school. Principal Nora gave a short speech congratulating the students on their work this year.

The teachers wrote a “Certificate of Honor” for each student to celebrate how they practice our virtues (community, balance, truth, propriety, respect, justice, perseverance, harmony) and powerful ways of thinking (focus, reflect, plan, create, question, use evidence, empathize, synthesize, communicate, analyze). Each student was called up to receive their certificate and their teacher talked about which virtue and way of thinking they chose for the student and why. It was a neat way to reflect on our community’s diversity and how each member contributes to the whole.

We also shared a meal (and cake!) together and spent some time enjoying each other’s company.








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