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Teacher Nobie’s K/1 Class, Spring Project Open House

Above: Our African savannah has been populated with more animals!

For our Spring Open House, we demonstrated what we learned during our project, “Vertebrates All Around.” First we read a welcome statement, then the first graders read a poem.


After that, each student read from the book they had written about an animal. Here’s Derrick reading about snakes:IMG_0316

Naomi reads about cats:IMG_0315

Teacher Nobie helps Andreas read about sharks:IMG_0312

Ben reads about bats:IMG_0313

Iisis reads from her book about bats:IMG_0314

Waiting quietly for their turnIMG_0311  Miranda reads from her book about bats:IMG_0308

Camilo reads from his book:IMG_0310We finished our presentation by singing a song about the animals we researched.


When we were done, we invited families to look around the room to examine our displays and habitat boxes.

Here are some pictures from our last Choice Time of the year:

Iisis and Ingrid made a hotel out of Magna Tiles, complete with multiple interior floors:IMG_0330Miranda and Ben worked at Lincoln Logs:


IMG_0329 Adrian built a spaceship out of Magna Tiles: IMG_0327

Jacob, Christopher, Tahir, and Camilo share a laugh at one drawing table:IMG_0326

Margot and Naomi draw cats at another table:IMG_0325

Derick builds with the linking blocks:IMG_0324 At the very end of the day, Teacher Nobie brought out a storybook, What a Wonderful World, which is a picture book illustrating the words of the famous song recorded by Louis Armstrong. He mentioned that he likes to read it at the beginning and end of the year, because we come to school to learn more than just knowledge. We also learn about people and to appreciate the world around us. Those of us who were in Teacher Nobie’s class for kindergarten last year learned how to sing this song for fall Project Open House, so we ended up singing it together.

Congratulations and thanks everyone for a wonderful year! Have a great summer!


Parent of an SFC 6th grader and an SFC '17 grad


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