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Ms. Lauren’s Kinder – Project Open House

Thursday May 29, 2014 was SFC’s Project Open House.   Presentations are a big part of the learning process at SFC and even the littlest of SFC’s students participate. Ms. Lauren’s Kinder presented “Vertebrates All Around.”  The event was well attended with all the parents of the class as well as a few guests of our incoming families/kindergarten kids.

The class was broken up into two groups.  The first group did their presentation while the second group were assigned to watch another class give a presentation. Each student got up individually and read aloud a part of their written work on the specific animal/mammal that they chose.

Then the kids got up as a group and did a “call and response” all about Vertebrates, Fish, Birds, Amphibians, Reptiles and Mammals.

After that was over the kids showed everyone their combined “Book of Habitats.”  They each drew and painted a picture of their selected animal in their habitat and wrote a bit to explain the pictures.  They also showed off their boxes they made of their animals habitat.  Here we see Jack’ amphibians and Tegans wolves.

There was also a few stations where kids could draw more animals/mammals and cut them out to add to the main picture on the front board.

It was a great night and all the kids did an amazing job.  Ms. Lauren also did an amazing job this year getting our kids ready for this big presentation in addition to all their daily work.  Everyone should be very proud of all the accomplishments.

The night was topped off with root beer floats in the cafeteria for everyone.

We are all excited to end this year and look forward to 1st grade!!  Woo hooo!!




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