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Whole School Picnic – Ms. Lauren’s K/1

On Friday, October 3rd the kids from Ms. Lauren’s K/1 as well of the rest of the K-8 students from SFC headed over to Crocker Amazon Park for our Whole School Picnic.  This picnic is a yearly tradition at SFC and a super fun “team building” event.

It was an extremely hot day and the kids all walked about 12 plus blocks to the park.  This was a bit tough on our littlest at SFC but all did great.  Once we got to the park we had a break and got a snack and water.

Then all the teachers had their own groups of kids that represented one or more from each grade level.  These groups then participated in games such as 3 legged race, duck duck goose and more.  This was super fun to see kids from all ages helping each other and having fun.  After that it was “free choice” where the kids got to choose the activity.  This included playing base ball or soccer or getting face painted or temporary tattoos!

It was topped off with a pizza party!  Such a great SF day and wonderful SFC event!



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