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Ms. Lauren’s K/1 – Field Trip!

Last week our class made it to The Excelsior Science Workshop. This is an amazing oasis of science about 5 blocks from SF Community.  Kids were excited to be out of school.  It was fun to be able to walk the streets to this field trip.

The topic of the day was “What is the Matter?”  For almost 2 hours the kids explored all the different states of matter (solid, liquid, gas).  This is an extended lesson as they are gearing up for their semester project which will focus on science and cooking.  Their teacher for the class time was Sol.  He was so great with all the kids.

The kids were given different types of matter and were told to put them into three groups.

Then we did a couple more experiments which helped us grasp what happens when different states of matter get hot and cold.

At the end of the class we got to explore the work shop.  There was everything from animals and reptiles to music to bubbles to lego and more!   Over all a great day for all the kids!


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