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Middle School Electives are Underway….


Did you know we at SFC are piloting a new Elective Block for the Middle School students on Tuesday afternoons? At the beginning of the school year, we offered the students “ballots” with several choices in order to rank their preferences for classes during this time block. The arts staff took on the sorting and placement of students in these classes and the vast majority of students were placed classes of their top 4 choices for each semester. We are now nearing the end of the first semester. First semester class offering were: Philosophy, Digital Music Production, Sports and Games, Cooking, Choir, Comics Club, Gardening, Clay and Textiles.

Next semester’s course offerings – Sports and Games, Choir, Gardening, Comics Club, Mixed Media Art Studio, Carnaval Workshop, Photography and Yearbook, and (possibly) Drumming – will begin after the winter break.

These classes are taught by a variety of people: some members of the SFC Faculty and Staff, some After School Program/Boys and Girls Club Staff, some outside contractors and some parent volunteers who are professionals in their fields. The school community sends our thanks to these teachers for all the creativity and dedication they bring to these classes!

Come check out the students’ work at Project Open House on Dec. 18th!

Posted here are photos of students engaged in some of their Fall electives classes:


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Digital Music Production,





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and Textiles.

IMG_4408 IMG_4412

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I'm the Art Teacher and Arts Coordinator at SF Community School.


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