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November Dance Skill Exchange – Ms. Lauren K/1 & Ms. Teryka 4/5

These images are from our November Dance Skill Exchange with Lauren’s K/1 class and Terycka’s 4/5th grade class.  The different grades/classes at SFC have what is called their “buddy classroom” and these two are a match. Each trimester of SFC’s dance curriculum is culminated with a skill exchange where students can teach and learn from their peers.

Ms. Alli – SFC’s dance teacher – helped each class learn and preform an expressive dance. The kids then worked in small groups to teach a component of their dance to a small group from the other class. The K/1 class shared a dance from the pacific coast of Colombia called Currulao which tells the story of life in a fishing village. The 4/5 grade class shared a dance from the Atlantic coast of Colombia called Cerecece, a ceremonial dance preparing warriors for battle and sometimes danced with real torches. (At our school we use sticks to symbolize the flames.) Each kid also had an opportunity to speak about the dance and share some background information.

Both classes had so much fun expressing themselves through dance!  Dance class is just one of the many mediums SFC kids are able to connect with different age groups throughout the K/8 as well as learn.  The kids worked so well together and felt a lot of pride in sharing their knowledge and skills.



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