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“A Solid Takes a Shape” – K/1 students at Project Open House

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Last night, parents throughout the school descended into classrooms to listen to presentations by excited students in all grades.

I spent the first part of the evening in Miss Joy’s classroom, watching videos of light and sound experiments and interviewing student experts on their projects. For the second half, we went to Ramsey’s K/1 class to hear a rousing rendition of “The Matters Song” where students presented an ever increasing ability to read lyrics aloud while staying on beat.

Next, we broke out to visit the Experts Tables for each State of Matter in Cooking experiment- from Mixtures to Liquids. Each table was staffed by 2-3 K/1 students who were available to answer questions, display results of experiments and show off their drawings. Then kids broke off with their guests to review the books they wrote about exploring states of matter – complete with “About the Author” pages and binding.

In a closing celebration of the night, students shared what they celebrated about this States of Matter project. Here are some snippets of the conversation:

“I celebrate the great work of the whole class.” – Addy

“I celebrate the scientists.” – Naioa

“I celebrate my family for coming.” – Anayah

“I celebrate the same thing as Addy.” – Milo

“I celebrate my whole family from coming.” -Annabelle

“I celebrate that everyone in this class can say the word ‘viscous’!” – me

And then, there were cookies and milk for all. What a great night! Thanks to Mrs. Ramsey and all the other teachers for pulling it off once again.

Tara Robinson

Mom to Milo K. (K/1) and a nonprofit gal by day


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