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2/3 Project Open House in Ms. Kathleen’s class

Above: Miranda’s snowflake picture

We had our Project Open House presentation the last Thursday before winter break, to demonstrate what we’ve learned with our Energy project. Throughout the project, we did experiments using the scientific method, read books and watched videos, and went on field trips to the Excelsior Science Workshop and the Exploratorium.

We started our presentation singing the “Energy March”. Here’s the first verse:

We just know what we’ve been told

Energy’s more important than gold

Energy’s what makes us walk,

Keep us warm and helps us talk.

Sound off- Light!

Sound off- Sound!

Sound off- Heat!…Do Work!!

We showed a video that we had made with class members describing our experiments and findings. After the video, we divided into expert groups at our stations to show our guests different experiments using sound, heat, and light.

The Sound station shows a picture of our ears and how they work: IMG_1226

Jesse uses a Slinky to show how sound vibrations travel. We also had an experiment with a tuning fork and a ping-pong ball to show how vibrations have energy.IMG_1227

The Heat energy station shows how radiation and convection work.IMG_1228

The experiment at this station used M&Ms held in your closed hand to demonstrate how heat energy can melt things. Hmm, wonder what Jose will do with a handful of melted M&Ms?


The Light Energy station shows how light can be refracted into rainbows. The experiment here is to make a rainbow spinner. If you spin the spinner fast enough, the colors blend together to make it look white.IMG_1231 IMG_1232


On Friday afternoon, we did a winter craft project. We cut out paper shapes and made collages to show ourselves catching snowflakes on our tongues!




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