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Community Art in Ms. Kathleen’s 2/3 Class

We do a lot of projects as a class. Some of the most fun projects involve community art: each of us makes a piece that’s part of a larger finished project. Recently we each took a page and wrote about an act of kindness; we then colored them and cut them out. When they’re done they’ll go onto the Tree of Kindness bulletin board in our room:

IMG_1333 IMG_1332 IMG_1331 IMG_1334

See if you can guess what picture will be made from these drawings we did in January (keep scrolling down to see the answer):  IMG_1309 IMG_1308 IMG_1307 IMG_1306 IMG_1305

Did you guess a picture of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.? The finished mosaic went up on the bulletin board outside our classroom, along with our writings about MLK.



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