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Ms. Lauren’s K/1 February Writing Celebration

On Friday February 27th the kids in the K/1 had their monthly writing celebration. This month’s topic was Opinion Writing. The kids wrote about subjects like Hawaii and Hot Tubs and The Warriors and more. Kids were encouraged to write about a topic where they could give a bit more detail as to what they liked or didn’t like about their subject. They all tried to have a catchy introduction to their writing like a joke or a question. The body of the work was where they gave their opinion. They were also encouraged to have a funny or memorable ending. As you can imagine there were some amazing stories.

The parents are invited to come to the celebration and the kids then read their writings to their parents and then share their writing with another student in the class. Then everyone sits together at the end and the kids and parents can give their “compliments and appreciations.” This is where someone can say something they are thankful for or appreciate that either they or someone else did. All the kids had great subjects and stories. There was a lot to celebrate!


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