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K/1 gets to go to the SF Symphony

On Thursday March 12, 2015 the SFC kids from all 3 K/1 classes got to attend the San Francisco Symphony’s Concert for Kids.

SF Symphony’s blurb:
The San Francisco Symphony is proud to present Concerts for Kids, a series of concerts for school-aged children designed as educational tools to develop students’ understanding and appreciation of symphonic music. These engaging performances introduce students to musical concepts and ideas through a unifying theme, lending themselves to interdisciplinary exploration and integration with core classroom curriculum.

This was a great experience for the kids. We got to ride on a very nice bus over the Symphony Hall.

When we got in the Hall was filled in with kids from several different schools. The conductor explained to us about some of the different instruments and what they sounded like. They also showcased how some of the instruments sound like different animals and how they talk or communicate with each other.

Although the K/1 kids have a bit of a hard time sitting still… everyone had a great time and made some great observations about the music. Toa said, “that music sounds happy!” I couldn’t have agreed more!


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