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2/3 Camping Trip

Above: Set up the tent!

The 2/3 classes went camping at Rob Hill campground in the Presidio on April 9th and 10th. That’s 63 kids plus chaperones, out in the wilds of the Presidio together. Thanks to Dale for the pictures!

After setting up our tents, we went on a hike to the beach. It took about an hour, but it was worth it!


Look at that view!


Once at the beach, we naturally had to go in the water. The surf was noisy and yow was the water cold! Didn’t stop these kids though…


After hiking back from the beach, we had some chill time and worked on a scavenger hunt.


In the evening we cooked dinner together and had a campfire.




In the morning after breakfast, we had some free time and then had a circle to talk about our favorite parts of the trip.

IMG_6517Then we packed up all the gear and went back to school.




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