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SFC School Wide Step Up Ceremony

On Thursday May 21 at 2:30pm the entire school, K-8 met in the lower yard to celebrate SFC’s first annual Step Up Ceremony. This was an event where all the kids in the school could celebrate how far they have come since last August and congratulate each other for moving on to the next grade. SFC always focuses on celebrating our virtues. These are discussed and practiced in every day life at SFC – community, respect, balance, propriety, perseverance, justice, respect, harmony.

For the step up ceremony, each grade level was brought up on stage.  A teacher from that grade read aloud a “celebration” to those kids.

Ms. Kathleen celebrated the third graders:

“3rd Graders get celebrated for their perseverance as they showed tremendous efforts all through year while learning about energy and physics, diving into multiplication & division, and taking the SBAC for the first time.”

2015-05-21 14.53.44

After the teachers read their celebration, two students from the grade level above came up and read aloud advice to the incoming class. Our first graders Isaiah and Frances shared the virtue of Respect with the Kindergarten class:

Frances: The most important virtue in first grade is respect. So all of the Kindergartners should practice respect over the summer so they are ready for first grade.

Isaiah: You have to show respect to everyone you know, including your friends, your family, your teachers, and your community!

2015-05-21 14.47.57

Our (new) Eighth graders Assata and David had some advice for the (new) Seventh graders:

Assata: It may not seem like a big difference from sixth to seventh grade, but once you get there, you will notice the changes. Your moods will start changing and throughout the whole thing, you just need to try and stay positive.

David: As Assata said, having a positive attitude might get tough. But if you keep a positive mindset and get through it, you’ll realize how capable you are of accomplishing your goals.

2015-05-21 15.32.46

There was also a special performance from some of the kids in between the elementary and middle school step up.  There was dancing and singing and even our own Loco Bloco preformed a bit of what they did at this years SF Carnival.

This was a lovely afternoon and it was really beautiful and inspiring to be able to see the kids from kindergarten all the way through to the eighth grade. It is great to experience how strong our community is when we all come together! We are so excited for the future of all our kids at SFC who have worked super hard and continue to be positive examples our SFC Community!



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