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2015 SFC Whole School Picnic is set!

The date, time and place have been finalized by the committee!

Please make sure to SAVE THE DATE!!



Where:  Glen Park

When: Friday, September 18, 2015

Time:  12pm – 3pm

One of our SFC Virtues and the thing that makes SFC so special is our Community.

The Whole School Picnic is a tradition at SFC that builds our community. It is a day where the kids from our whole school, kindergarten to 8th grade, have a field trip.  Essentially we walk to the park and have community building fun and exercise.  This year the kids will leave SFC around 11am and walk (with their classes) over to Glen Park Recreation Area. They will leave the park around 2:45 to return to SFC. (ASP will still be available after the kids return.)


When the kids arrive they will be divided into groups that will have all ages/grades represented. In this group they will play games. The kids will also have pizza for lunch and cake for dessert (provided by the school- please pack a lunch for your child if you prefer them to have something else). There will also be free play with some more games on the field or play ground.

This is a really fun day where the whole school gets to know each other better. All families are welcome and encouraged to come and participate (even for an hour or two). Please sign up on GoogleDocs if you can participate.

Hope to see you there!!




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