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On September 18th, 2015 the entire community of SFC came together in Glen Park for a day of team building and fun. SFC has had a long tradition of doing a Whole School Picnic every year for the students and families. One of the strongest virtues at SFC is our community. We dedicate a lot of time and effort to build relationships with each other.

The whole school – K-8th grade joined their classmates, teachers and families by walking over to Glen Park from SFC. It was a very warm day in SF and being out side made it feel like an extended summer break.

The day was filled with fun. After our walk to the park the students stayed with their class and were provided lunch of pizza followed by some deliciously beautiful cakes.

After lunch, the kids were ready to break into their groups for team building games. They played duck duck goose, three legged race and more. This is a time when all the kids in our K-8 get mixed up – where K’s and 8’s are in a group together. This helps the kids get to know each other so they can say Hi! while passing each other at school.

After some structured play there was “free play.” The kids had options of face painting, arts and crafts, taking a nature hike in Glen Canyon, playing at the play ground or some organized sports like baseball, foot ball or soccer.

It was a super fun time and we are looking forward to continuing the relationships that we built this school year and many more to come.


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