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October in Ms. Kathleen’s 2/3 Class

Above: A California cookie, not strictly geographically accurate but oh so tasty!

We’ve been learning about maps recently. First we looked at some pictures from San Francisco’s past, and drew our own ideas of what the San Francisco of the Future might look like:

IMG_1722 IMG_1723 IMG_1724

We made some California cookies to practice working with legends and how to make and read maps:




On Friday October 9th all of the 2/3 classes went on a walking field trip in the neighborhood. With the help of family members who volunteered to be chaperones, we split into groups of 4-5 students. Each group got a packet with maps of the neighborhood and a customized map legend showing neighborhood landmarks. Our assignment was to use our maps and follow our first clue to a landmark (mostly local shops like the Cumaica Coffee, The Salad Place, the Royal Baking Company).

We walked in the neighborhood and talked about what direction we were walking. For example, from school to Mission Street along Excelsior Avenue is northwest. Turning left on Mission Street will take us southwest.


At our first destination, we looked for the bright pink sign to give us our second clue. Our path took us uphill and since it was a warm sunny day, we often rested at the top of a block, giving us a chance to enjoy some great views of the city.


Once we made it to our second destination, Ms. Joy was there to greet us, give us a secret letter, and tell us our final destination: The duck pond at McLaren Park. So we walked uphill some more and made it to the entrance to the park.


All of the 2/3 students were gathered at the duck pond. While we waited for all the groups to arrive, we had snacks and played a very large game of Duck Duck Goose. All of 2/3 adds up to over 60 students, so it was a big circle!

Once all the groups arrived, we put in our secret letters. The teachers told us that the letters would spell out a special word. The clue was “It’s what got you here.”


After a lot of… perseverance, we decoded the word:


We had a special guest, Ms. Joy’s dog Pepper. Pepper loves to swim, so Mr. Sanchez threw balls into the lake for Pepper to retrieve. Afterwards, we all headed back to school. Thankfully once we walked up from the lake, it was all downhill!



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