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Off to the Zoo! Grade 2/3 Field trip.

It’s project time of year at SFC and the entire 2/3 are doing a project on endangered animals – specifically polar bears, sharks and sea lions. On Friday 10/30/15 all three classes of the 2/3 grade levels were off to the zoo to see the polar bear. We all took a 15 minute bus ride to the SF Zoo.

Once inside we broke up into groups to tour the zoo. We had a brief introduction to the zoo from a docent.

The assignment was to observe the polar bear and fill out a work sheet that looked at different aspects of the bear. They were asked to draw the bear as well as ask some of their own questions based on their observations.

Then we had some free time before leaving on a bus.

The bus took us back to the Excelsior Park where we could have lunch and let off some steam before heading back to school to end the day.

There are two more field trips in the next couple of weeks to see the sharks and sea lions. The classes will use all this collected information to present their project at our Project Open House December 17 at 6pm where all students and their families are encouraged to participate.




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