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Ms. Kathleen’s 2/3 Project Open House

As part of our fall project about endangered animals, we held a bake sale to raise money to sponsor animals through the World Wildlife Fund. Our goal was to raise $75 to sponsor a polar bear, a sea lion, and a shark. Camilo’s family also donated their hot dog stand, which helped us raise even more money!

IMG_1842 IMG_1843

Our exciting fall semester wrapped up with Project Open House, where we showed what we have learned about endangered animals. We had a short presentation and a song. We also showed a video that we made about how we can help endangered animals. Some of the suggestions were to carpool to help stop global warming, and to pick up and recycle trash to keep it out of the oceans.


IMG_1852Afterwards, we showed the books that we wrote and the presentation boxes we made about endangered animals.

For instance, how does a polar bear fit into the food chain?



Miranda and Naomi present their box on “Why Sea Lions are Endangered.”

IMG_1855  IMG_1856 A box on where sharks fit into the food chain:

IMG_1854The next day, we had a small party at the end of the day. We had four class members whose birthdays are over winter break, Naomi, Miranda, Javier, and Ms. Kathleen! Also, Ms. Audrey finished her semester of student teaching. She wrote a card and had a small present for each student. Ms. Audrey promised to come back and visit and will be Ms. Kathleen’s substitute when needed.

IMG_1859 IMG_1860 IMG_1861Looking forward to 2016 and the spring semester!




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