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Miss Joy’s 2/3 Opinion Speeches

SFC is approaching their project season. In May when school projects are presented, each grade level will research, write and present on a different subject matter. This is a big part of SFC culture.

In preparation for their upcoming oral presentations, the kids in Ms. Joy’s 2/3 were giving speeches using their opinion writing. As a part of writing class, the students were assigned to write about opinions. Each kids picks a subject and wrote a detailed opinion. This year it consisted of… why kids should play Minecraft in school, why kids should get paid to go to school, why you shouldn’t drive cars, ways we can help the homeless, need for stricter gun laws and why we should have more art in school.

The room was divided into 4 groups.The students all sat in their groups and had an adult or two also attend. Various degrees of nerves appeared in different ways, however each kid faced their stage fright and persevered to deliver some very compelling arguments on their desired subject. It was so great to watch and it’s pretty amazing what some of the students had to say on the subject. Everyone was so proud of themselves once they had finished. There were lots of celebrations (debrief sitting in circle and celebrating someone or the group) around everyone doing a great job and persevering through their hard work.


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