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Camping in the Presidio for Second and Third Grade!

This year the entire Second and Third graders went overnight camping in the Presidio! This is such a magical experience for city kids to get out of the classroom and spend the day and night out in the beautiful nature that the San Francisco coast provides.

We were stationed at Rob Hill Campground where we were hosted by the Camping at the Presidio (CAP) program.  This program provides the camp site, cooking utensils, tables, tents, mats and sleeping bags.  The kids took the bus from SFC on Thursday morning April 7th and returned back to school Friday afternoon, April 8th. The students were accompanied by parent volunteers and of course their fabulous 2/3 teachers: Ms. Joy, Mr. Andrew, Ms. Kathleen and our garden teacher Ms. Nidhi.

Once all arrived, they had a community circle to get the lay of the land and the rules of camping.  After that everyone set up their tents and then we had lunch.

After lunch we organized to go on a walk down to Baker Beach. The kids were told to get into a small group where one student was the fish and the other the fisherman.  The fisherman held the map and the fish led the way.  The kids used their skills to take us to the path down to the beach.

At the beach the kids were asked to make a volcano, cave and a mountain.  They then did an experiment to see what happened to the sand if they poured water on it.  This is in conjunction with the current project for the 2/3’s – The Water Cycle.  (Students will present what they have learned at Project Open House Tuesday, May 24th at 6pm.)  After that it was free play before the hard walk back up the hill to the camp ground.

Once back at camp the kids had free time before dinner and time by the fire before sleep. Part of SFC culture has always included camping and it’s such a great experience for all the students, teachers and parents.

Next week the K/1’s have their turn!

For more pics please check this link:

Campfire time



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