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Ms. Kathleen’s 2/3 Class End of the Year Wrap-up!

Above: Ori’s expert book. Beware of Mr. Flood!

On Tuesday, May 24th, we had our Project Open House. This was our evening to show what we had learned in our Spring Project. We named ourselves the “Water Warrriors”.


First, we read an introduction about what we studied in this project. We went on field trips, conducted experiments, wrote expert books about natural disasters and made presentation boxes. Afterwards we sang the Water Warriors song.

Then, we broke into small groups. Each table had presentations and were staffed by students explaining things like the water cycle, how erosion works, and natural disasters caused by water. For instance, what is a flood?


Opening this box by Jasmine and Yaritza shows us:



Ori waits to show you where water came from:




Miranda shows you how erosion happens:

IMG_2091 IMG_2089


On the last day of school, we helped to cleanup the classroom to get it ready for the summer program. We also had a party and decorated T-shirts!

Hard at work on creative masterpieces.


Also, we signed T-shirts for Ms. Kathleen & Ms. Audrey, who was our student teacher in the fall.


Naomi shows her polka-dot creation:


And Ivonne and Yaritza made matching friendsies shirts:


Have a great summer everyone! See you in August!


Parent of an SFC 6th grader and an SFC '17 grad


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