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Ms. May’s Kindergarten Writing Celebration

Today the Kindergartners at SFC shared their writing with the families that were there to show support. The youngest of our SFC community have been learning what it means to be a “Super Writer.” This isn’t about always using the correct spelling of the word but just the idea and effort behind their story.

We are SUPER Writers!
We write words! (me and the)
We fill in the pages.
We make characters… move, talk, think
We can label (pictures).
We can write ME…
We can s-t-r-e-t-c-h words
We can color inside the lines
We can try our best!

All of the kids did an amazing job showing their Super Writer muscles with lots of detail, pictures and words. They were all a bit shy at first but then celebrated each other on their great effort and sharing with their friends and family.


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