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Whole School Picnic 2016

On Friday October 7th the entire SFC community – Kindergarten thru 8th grade, staff and families – descended on Crocker Amazon Park for the 2016 Whole School Picnic. The picnic is one of SFC’s annual traditions and an amazing day for community building. Community is one of SFC’s virtues and something we all value and spend time cultivating.

The classes left SFC in the morning to walk to Crocker Amazon Park.  After arriving, everyone had lunch and waited for some for the activities to start.

After lunch everyone divided up into mixed age groups to play some team building games. The field was full of everyone playing games like the three legged race, duck duck goose, octopus tag and others.

Then it was “free play” time.  There were lots of activities from sports like baseball, soccer and basketball. Kids were playing at the park as well as doing arts and crafts or face painting. There was even a flash mob towards the end!

At the end of the day everyone helped pick up trash around the park and we left and walked back to school. Great way to start the 2016-17 school year for the fantastic SFC foxes!





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