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Bay Area Discovery Museum comes to SFC Kindergarten!

On Wednesday November 30th, The Bay Area Discovery Museum (BADM) came to SFC and Ms. May’s Kindergarten class.  This was a part of a STEM workshop they offer to students.  As the students prepare for their Project Open House (Tues, Dec 13th at 5:30 @ SFC) they are learning to be scientists!  The lesson today was in physics – learning force and motion.  The main objective of the day: ask questions!  Good scientists ask a lot of questions.

The educators with BADM came in and were completely prepared and engaging.  They introduced the concept of force and motion by having the kids up and moving their bodies to show their muscles can use force to move.

BADM had set up creative experiment stations.  All are designed to ask questions: What happens when you use force to move the object?  Can you get a different result doing it differently?  How does it change with friction?  Can you blow the ball through the maze? Can you create a maze? And more…

The scientists then set out to experiment at least 2 stations but most everyone tried them all. Such an amazing day of learning!  Can’t wait to see these scientist share what they have learned at Project Open House!!


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