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Ms. Joy’s 2/3 – Fall Project Open House

Tuesday, December 13th was the SFC Project Open House.  Project based learning is a key part of the SFC curriculum.  This year all the 2/3 classes were studying science through cooking. Ms. Joy’s class tackled making cookies and pancakes and popcorn as a vehicle to learn science and different states of matter.

Last month, this class also had a field trip to learn about how movies were made by Pixar Studios. This was a master class from the creator and producer of the short film Piper and how they made that film. Because of the generated interest in movie making, Ms. Joy’s class also decided to film their learning and cooking and create their own filmed presentation.

Here are some more pics from the first session of Ms. Joy’s 2/3 class at Project Open House.  All did an amazing job at being scientists and chefs!



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