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End of Year Activities!

Only a few weeks left of this school year and we’ve got lots of exciting events coming up:

5/15-5/18 Monday-Thursday – 8th grade portfolio presentations after school

Schedule will be posted around the school near the end of this week. 6th graders are encouraged and 7th graders are required to attend at least one presentation. Community members are welcome to attend. You don’t need to sign up; just pick one and go but please be on time and don’t keep going in and out – be respectful of the presenters. If you attend you will be expected to listen and give feed back on the presentation.  It’s a great way to see what the upper grades are doing.

5/16 Tuesday 6-7:30  – SSC meeting – We will have updates on the 2017-18 budget. Note: No more PAC meetings scheduled for this school year.

5/17 Wednesday 2.30-3.30pm K-8 Step Up Ceremony on the Lower Yard 

For those K parents and others new to the school the Step Up Ceremony is a tradition we started a few years ago. Basically it is each grade “stepping up” to the next grade. Families are encouraged but not required to attend, it’s just fun. The students actually do a physical “step up” on the big steps in the lower yard. All kids from one grade go onto one step, and then at a signal, step up. There are often speeches by students and staff.

5/19 Friday 6-8pm – 8th grade graduation @ Buena Vista Horace Mann

5/22-5/25 Monday-Thursday – 8th grade Yosemite camping trip

Please note the bus leaves at 8.30am on Monday 5/22 so have your 8th grader at school by 8! Letters with details about the trip went home this week; please contact your student’s advisor if you haven’t received one.

5/23 Tuesday 5:30-7 Project Open House – There will be no pot luck but a root beer float party after from 7-7:30.  Please have kids eat before the open house or bring a snack!

5/24 Wednesday 3:30 – 5th grade graduation celebration in the cafeteria

5/26 Friday last day of school!  There will be ASP until 6:30.


Parent of an SFC 6th grader and an SFC '17 grad


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