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Whole School Picnic 2017

One of the best annual traditions at SFC – The Whole School Picnic – took place at the Excelsior Playground on September 22nd.  This is an event of community building for our entire school community.  Everyone attends including students, teachers, school staff, after school staff and families To make this event happen it takes all of us to contribute from families helping plan, set up and donate food to teachers and staff organizing the day and face painting and more. We all come together to celebrate our school.

The day begins with students and teachers walking over from school to have their packed lunch at the field. Then we separate into mixed grade groups and play games like duck duck goose, human knot, three legged race and octopus.  There is snack time and free play the rest of the day. Free play time is some of the most fun and was anything from face painting, tattoos, henna, soccer, kickball, four square, basketball, crafting and of course the playground.

The day was a huge success connecting with new and old friends while bonding with our community.


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