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Ms. May’s First Grade Writing Celebration

Tuesday morning, October 3rd, there was a writing celebration in Ms. May’s first grade.  This is where the students invite their families to school and have a celebration to show off how hard they worked on their writing lesson. The inspiration for their stories were “Small Moments.”  The students had to pick a moment in time and give details to explain that event.

All the kids did a great job and there were some amazing stories like playing on the playground to going to a movie to reading with their teacher and more.  The students used ellipses and words that popped!  Everyone met in small groups and took turns reading their story aloud.

We met back on the rug for celebrations.  A celebration is a special tradition at SFC where anyone in the circle can give a compliment or recognize anyone in the room for their contribution. There were many celebrations and all agreed the students did an amazing job and learned a lot. We also want to celebrate and give thanks to such a great teacher, Ms. May!


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