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Update on Middle School Electives: Spring 2018

Middle School Electives are well underway this semester every Tuesday morning! We’re really excited about the number and variety of choices that came together for the students this year.

The classes we are able to offer came about as a result of wonderful community partnerships, including parent volunteers Dale Low and Chi-An Chien, Technovation, LEAP Arts in Education and the awesome Josie Kirton, Notes for Notes, The Excelsior Boys and Girls Club, PODER, Education Outside, and Playworks). We are also extremely grateful for the extra staffing from the SFUSD Tech Department this year and the extra financial support from the SFUSD Visual Arts Performing Arts Department. And we are very excited to be contracting with new SFC parent and artist Nancy Cato.

This year’s courses include:

Escape to Alcatraz
Superheroes and Sketching
Digital Video
Coding and Making
Knitting and Crochet
Bigger than Hip Hop (spoken word and hip hop thought) (LEAP)
Printmaking (LEAP)
Sound Studio (with Notes for Notes and Excelsior B&G Club)
Community Justice (with PODER and Education Outside)
Playworks Coaching

We are 5 weeks into our classes at this point and kids are actively engaged in different projects. Most kids will switch over to a new class after the first 8 weeks – Technovation is the exception as the girls in that elective are working with mentors in the tech field to submit proposals to a competition later in the spring. They will have an abbreviated 2nd round class with Irene Nolan, our wonderful leader from the SFUSD Tech Department who has set this up.

We could not do this program without the help of our awesome staff (Tawnya Dudash, Nurse Jackie, Mary Lavalais and the Middle School Teaching Team) and the wonderful individuals and organizations who partner with us. Deep gratitude to everyone for making this program a reality!

We are in the process of planning some kind of showcase for electives in May, so look for more information about that in the coming months.




Christy Bratt-Porter

I'm the Art Teacher and Arts Coordinator at SF Community School.


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