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Garden program update!

Hello SFC! My name is Nathan Peterson, and I will be your students’ garden teacher this school year! I am writing with an update on the state of the garden and the garden program. While the garden is in a transition phase during the new Library construction, I would still like to provide students with hands-on learning experiences centered on the natural world.

I am planning for a mix of indoor and outdoor classes with garden-related concepts. I am also looking at field trip options that would provide outdoor-learning opportunities.

As for the rebuilding of the garden itself, we’re hoping to gain access to the space in mid-to-late October, if everything goes smoothly. This will depend on the construction project for the Library, since the ideal scenario is that that once that building is in place, we can move the fence back to regain the garden space. (In the worst-case scenario, we would gain access to the garden space in January 2019.) Once the garden space is reclaimed and cleared for rebuilding, we’ll hold a community workday that parents, students, and extended family will be welcome to join.

I will be starting classes with students next week (the week of September 17th), and I look forward to seeing all of your students in class!


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