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Ms. Joy’s 2nd/3rd Grade Publishing Party

Did you know that owls’ ears are positioned at two different heights so they can better detect their prey? Or that Jackie Robinson played baseball, football, and basketball? Students in Ms. Joy’s second and third grade class put their newfound knowledge to paper in essays written and published this semester. Families joined in celebrating their hard work, where each student presented not just one, but two essays! One, a non-fiction essay and the second, a biography. Topics ranged from rocks to vikings, Billie Jean King to Abe Lincoln.

Students rose to the task of reading about their topics, taking and organizing notes, and writing their essays in google docs. Essays went through several rounds of editing then printed and adorned with watercolor cover art. Each completed book was equally informative and beautiful. Students had a chance to read each other’s books and share comments.

In traditional SFC fashion, the party ended with a circle on the rug where students were invited to show appreciation for their work through celebrations (compliments) for each other. And cookies


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