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Spring 2019 Electives Showcase

On Tuesday, May 14th Middle Schoolers and staff gathered in the gym during their Electives Block time (Tuesdays 8:45-9:45) to share what they worked on during their second round of Elective Classes.  

The class offerings for this round (Feb-May) were:

  • Sewing with Chi-An and Teri:  Learning basics of sewing with a sewing machine and making basic projects/”upcycling” an article of clothing.
  • Coding and Making with Dale and Colin:  learning real JavaScript programming to make basic video games and learn about coding fundamentals. Then combining all kinds of art supplies, electronics, and code to make projects that whir, move, and interact in the real world with light, sound, and motion.
  • Graffiti Arts with Joe and Walter: Understanding and applying different approaches to the creative process, especially how to create and transform lettering into stylized graffiti art and creating unique pieces along the way.
  • Sound Studio Music Production with Eduardo from Notes for Notes:  Hands-on experiences with instruments and recording equipment in the Boys and Girls Club Sound Studio, working in small or large groups to record music and/or spoken tracks.
  • Poetry with Dede: Students explored spoken word and writing, where rhythm and words meet.
  • Technovation with Irene and Mentors from Tech: Girls work in teams of 2-4 with a mentor from a tech firm, to make an app that solves a community problem. This is a global competition.  It is empowering, glamorous and fun experience which builds entrepreneur and leadership skills.
  • Drumming with Abbe: learning the basics of the tumbadoras (congas), bongos, cajon, and various auxiliary percussion instruments.
  • Sketching and Superheroes with Nancy:  Learning the basics in drawing and using these skills to create a unique superhero or cartoon character. Nancy was also available during this class to support students applying to SOTA with portfolio drawings.
  • 8th Grade Workshop with Christy:  making the SFC Middle School Yearbook and the K-8 Yearbook, the Graduation Slideshow with iMovie and stop-motion animation for Graduation, while also working on Graduation decorations.

Electives Classes from Round 1 (December-Feb) also included:

  • Skate Club with Nathan
  • Graphic Design with Manucci and Walter
  • Knitting and Crochet with Felisa and Mary
  • Latin and Caribbean Dance with Adriana
  • Clay and 3D Art with Christy

We are so grateful to the volunteers, organizations and independent contractors who work with us to make these classes possible for our Middle School Students!  Many thanks to Alli Cuentos for her hard work organizing the class offerings and placing students into their highest-ranked choices. Thanks also to the Middle School team for chaperoning and supporting students in these classes.  

We are already starting to plan electives for the 2019-20 school year!  Round 1 will be from Dec-Feb. and Round 2 will be from Feb.-May. If you are interested in helping to create partnerships with organizations (especially those with their own sources of funding as our budget is *small*), help with paperwork, teach a class (even for just one of the rounds), or support with the end-of-year showcase, please contact Art Coordinator Christy Bratt-Porter at bratt-porterc@sfusd.edu… and if you would be interested in the idea of serving as Art Coordinator or just the Electives Coordinator anytime in the next couple of years (a parent or a couple of parents could do this), please reach out as well 🙂

*Video by Colin Sebestyen
*More photos


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