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We Came, We Camped, We Conquered

Second/Third Grade Camping

Last Thursday and Friday, Ms. Bickel’s, Ms. Joy’s and Mr. Sanchez’s second and third grade classes ventured in to the Presidio and camped overnight in San Francisco’s one and only campground: Rob Hill. The students, teachers and parents pitched their tents amidst the eucalyptus trees, hiked to Baker Beach and chased waves framed by the Golden Gate Bridge. As Mr. Sanchez and parents kept the water jumpers safe, others played soccer, dug holes in the sand, and chased one another along the shoreline. 

After our hike back from the beach, students explored their home for the night—both inside and outside of their tents, while our dinner team prepared delicious chili (with Fritos!) and hot dogs. Later, at our campfire, we made s’mores, sang songs about banana slugs, and something called an “A Roostashaw”! They must have liked our singing, because the next morning there were actual banana slugs in the brush around our campsite. Way to go SFC camping singers and explorers! 

Through the night, most slept soundly, as some tents housed what sounded like big, cuddly bears snoring peacefully (no names will be mentioned). We were also serenaded by a hooting owl nearby and the velvety sounds of fog horns floating on the ocean below.  We had reports of a coyote den sighting as many of our students explored the woods around the campground. 

On our last morning, before waiting for the bus to head back to SFC, we all gathered around to form a big circle, where we each shared our highest, most favorite parts of the trip. But first, we shared a moment of silence in honor of Joe, who we will all miss dearly. And then we each shared our favorite part of camping, which many agreed was each other. This camping group made the C in SFC shine as we all worked together to keep each other safe, happy and nourished with laughter and love. We came, we camped, we conquered! 


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