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SFC Project Open House: Winter Edition

Each year, students in all grades spend about nine weeks in both the fall and spring working on a project-based learning project– an interdisciplinary look at a topic or problem. Students work together as a class, incorporating subjects such as reading, writing, math, and science to develop projects to present to staff, friends and family.

Project Open House nights occur in December and May of each year, as a celebration of the student and staff’s hard work. The 2019 Project Open House occurred on December 18, followed by a social dessert in the cafeteria.

Kindergarten/1st Grade:
Historian Project: Students learned what it means to be a historian and uncovered some hidden history about SFC in the past compared to SFC now. They made Venn diagrams and watercolor/Sharpie paintings of artifacts and sang a song about what it means to be an historian.

2nd/3rd Grades:
California Regions: Students in 2nd and 3rd grade learned about the different regions of CA– desert, coastal, valley, and mountains– and experimented with making a relief map out of play-dough. They wrote essays for travel brochures to attract visitors to each of the regions.

4th/5th Grades:The 4/5 project this semester was to focus in on the Ohlone people and the land. 4th and 5th grade students conducted research and made zines to present their findings and reflections. November 2019 marked the 50th Anniversary of the Indians of all Tribes’ Occupation of Alcatraz Island. Several students incorporated this event in their reflections, noting how native peoples stood their ground then and that this fight for self determination continues.

Middle School:
In Humanities, students wrote essays about the best ways to confront climate change. They worked in pairs to make infographics to spread awareness about strategies to counteract climate change.

In Science, students were tasked with coming up with plans for sustainable eco houses. They drew up floor plans showing all the major features and square footage of their houses, and include details such as longitude and latitude, power sources, geographical location, and necessary natural resources such as water sources.

In Math, 6th and 7th graders made artwork out of recycled materials. No new materials could be purchased; artwork ranged from collages about saving the planet to Bunny-mageddon (a sculpture illustrating rabbits in a spaceship invading the Earth) to a robot representation of Mr. Truong with Arizona Iced Tea cans. 8th grade students gathered and graphed two sets of environmental data to see if there was a correlation, such as number of hurricanes worldwide and the overall global temperature. (To our surprise, there was no direct correlation there.)

We want to thank the staff, teachers and students for all their hard work and for sharing their wonderful projects. We’d also like to thank all the parents, friends and family who attended Project Open House and the 6Sense volunteers who provided and served dessert.


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