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Playtime at SFC School Yard

Did you know that the SFC yard is open on weekends for Shared Schoolyards? You can bring bikes or other wheels, balls and jump ropes, and play play play!

Here’s what current SFC parents have said about Shared Schoolyards:

  • “The playground structure is roped off with caution tape, but the lower yard is a great place to ride bikes and scooters. The school garden is also looking so good!  There is a port-a-potty and hand washing  station near the main gate.”
  • “With the hand washing station, masks, distance, breezy outdoors, and big bottle of hand sanitizer I brought, it felt to me like a safe place to play at a distance with others and have some space to run and move. It was nice to see SFC, even if it was quiet other than us!”
  • “Our incoming Kinder just learned to ride his bike at the SFC School Yard! We had the place to ourself for an hour or so and then one other family showed up. We were able to keep to separate sides of the yard, everyone in masks, and the kids rode around on bikes and played ball. It was lovely to see our school again!”

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