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Our Mission & History

Our Mission We embody this mission in our programs, in our teaching methods, and in our relationships with students and families. We are determined to educate all students well and instill a lifelong love of learning, and evidence shows that what we are doing is working.

Our History and Culture In 1972 parents and teachers founded San Francisco Community School. San Francisco Community School was founded in 1972 as a family-involved, child-centered school that aimed to provide a context-rich educational environment that would engage and support students from diverse backgrounds. These objectives remain central to our mission today. Later, SFC was designated a Small School by Design within the Small Schools By Design Pilot Project initiated by the Board of Education. Because SFC has roughly 290 students, we continue to be able to offer smaller class sizes than are typical throughout SFUSD in the 4th through 8th grades. Staff are committed to and have the capacity to establishing and maintaining personalized relationships with students and families to better meet the needs of our diverse student body.

Culture of Collaboration and Inclusion Since its beginning in 1972, SFC has sought to establish a learning environment where students, parents, teachers, and the community at large work together and make decisions collaboratively. We prioritize “keeping equity at the center”, which means that we strive to ensure that the needs and desires of all of our community members are reflected in our practices, meetings, decisions, curriculum, and programs.  SFC staff, parents, and students continually work together to learn about and practice inclusive ways of being to create a school culture that supports all students in meeting high standards of academic achievement and community responsibility.

Leadership Structure SFC has a Principal, but since its founding, it has been a teacher-run school in which all certificated staff take on leadership roles and are involved in all major school-wide decisions. This collective structure provides a model of egalitarian and shared leadership for our students.

Restorative Practices  Restorative practices is an approach to conflict resolution that has now been adopted District-wide; however, SFC’s emphasis on community accountability and establishing rapport across difference makes this program a natural fit for our school. Staff at SFC set aside time for class meetings, individual conferences with students, circles and groups to provide students opportunities to share their feelings, build relationships, and problem solve. When there is wrong-doing, staff work with students to help students see their impact on others and support students to play an active role in taking responsibility, addressing the wrong and repairing the harm.