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Ms. Kathleen’s 2/3 Class, 5/15/15

Above: MJ builds a roller coaster Wow, our class has been really busy with lots of projects. We celebrated Earth Day by making paintings of the earth and practicing our persuasive writing. Here are some of our Earth Day essays: Each one of us sets a goal for the month: And of course we’ve been working on our roller coaster project! This is our
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2/3 Camping Trip

Above: Set up the tent! The 2/3 classes went camping at Rob Hill campground in the Presidio on April 9th and 10th. That’s 63 kids plus chaperones, out in the wilds of the Presidio together. Thanks to Dale for the pictures! After setting up our tents, we went on a hike to the beach. It took about an hour, but it was worth it!
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Community Art in Ms. Kathleen’s 2/3 Class

We do a lot of projects as a class. Some of the most fun projects involve community art: each of us makes a piece that’s part of a larger finished project. Recently we each took a page and wrote about an act of kindness; we then colored them and cut them out. When they’re done they’ll go onto the Tree of Kindness bulletin board
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The Hour of Code Comes to SFC

Above: Ezra gives a thumbs up to learning code! This week SFC participated in the Hour of Code. The Hour of Code is a program sponsored by Code.org as an effort to get more schoolchildren worldwide learning about computer science. From the Code.org website: “Kids are constantly using technology today, but how many are learning how to build it? Every 21st- century student should
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2/3 Project Open House in Ms. Kathleen’s class

Above: Miranda’s snowflake picture We had our Project Open House presentation the last Thursday before winter break, to demonstrate what we’ve learned with our Energy project. Throughout the project, we did experiments using the scientific method, read books and watched videos, and went on field trips to the Excelsior Science Workshop and the Exploratorium. We started our presentation singing the “Energy March”. Here’s the
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Ms. Kathleen’s 2/3 Class, October 2014

Our class has been busy learning! We recently had homework assignments about our families. We created personal timelines to illustrate major events in our lifetime. We’ve been learning about time, so it was a perfect blend of learning and community as we shared about our lives. We also had an assignment to interview a member of our family about our roots. After interviewing our
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Teacher Nobie’s K/1 Class, Spring Project Open House

Above: Our African savannah has been populated with more animals! For our Spring Open House, we demonstrated what we learned during our project, “Vertebrates All Around.” First we read a welcome statement, then the first graders read a poem. After that, each student read from the book they had written about an animal. Here’s Derrick reading about snakes: Naomi reads about cats: Teacher Nobie
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Teacher Nobie’s K/1 Class, 5/23/14

Above: Our scrap pile of materials! It’s been an exciting week in Room 102! We’ve been doing lots more work on our spring project, “Vertebrates All Around”. We worked as a class on our bulletin boards to illustrate animals in their habitats. Bats have been very popular in our class, here is a flock of bats coming out of their cave: A group of
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Teacher Nobie’s K/1 Class, 5/16/14

Above: Getting packed up at the end of the day We’ve been working hard on our Animal Project this quarter. Everyone in class has picked an animal to focus on. Today we were making sketches of our animal’s habitat. How do we determine what is our animal’s habitat? Where does the animal sleep or rest, spend its waking hours, and what does it eat
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Teacher Nobie’s K/1 Class, 5/9/14

Above: Camilo’s Magna-Tile outline Today at Choice Time we finished making windsocks. Derick and Nathaniel at work: Ahndy shows his finished windsock: Iisis finished hers right at the end: Our Choice Time was a little shorter than usual today because we had a presentation by Edventure More. They were originally going to come see us in the morning, and then had to reschedule for
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