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Teacher Nobie’s K/1 Class, 11/22/13

Above: Working at the quilt table This week was different from our other weeks; every day (except Tuesday) we stopped classes an hour earlier for Family-Teacher Conferences. But by the time we get to the end of day Friday, we’re all ready for Choice Time! Our three Is, Iisis, Ingrid, and Isalena, worked together to make this LEGO house:Adrian is working at blocks: Some
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Teacher Nobie’s K/1 Class, 11/15/13

Above: Justin made a body out of Magna-Tiles during Choice Time. The whole class gathered around to admire it. “It’s got brains, and a heart and lungs” says Justin. Today during math time we were doing worksheets with word problems involving addition and subtraction. Some people choose to count on their fingers to help, others use the plastic bears as counters to help them
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Teacher Nobie’s K/1 Class, 11/8/13

Above: Cutting the paper to make a square is the first step in making harvest baskets. Today in Choice Time we finished up making harvest baskets. Folded construction paper makes an open box, and adding a pipe cleaner makes a handle while at the same time holds the paper together. Jacob is writing his name on his basket after finishing. “It has a tiger
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Teacher Nobie’s K/1 Class, 11/1/13

Above: An X-ray showing all the bones in the human body, and Teacher Nobie’s example of what our drawing of the bones will look like. It’s been an exciting week in class as we’ve started our Body Maps, part of our Body Shop project for this fall. Last week Teacher Nobie helped us all to trace our bodies onto big sheets of brown paper.
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Teacher Nobie’s K/1 Class, 10/25/13

Above: Christopher shows his scratch art leaf. It has a minion on it! We started our Body Shop project. This week we learned about the Integumentary system (your hair, nails, and skin). Next week we’ll learn about muscles and bones. Today during Choice Time our art project was scratch art. We each got a scratch art leaf and a stick (stylus) for scratching. Scratch
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Teacher Nobie’s K/1 Class, 10/18/13

Above: Our shelf of monsters, some of them still drying. “I hope they don’t have too wild of a party over the weekend” says Teacher Nobie. Today we finished up our monsters. Here’s Ingrid with her new monster friend: IIisis worked for a long time to add all sorts of accessories to hers: Margot shows us her monster, it’s a bright happy monster that
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Teacher Nobie’s K/1 Class, 10/11/13

Above: sample toilet-paper-tube monsters From Teacher Nobie: We have been studying all about characters. We have been identifying them in books, retelling what they do, making predictions about them, describing their traits, and comparing them to other characters as well as ourselves. Doing this helps us find more meaning in the books we are reading and add depth to the characters we are writing
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Teacher Nobie’s K/1 Class, 9/27/13

Above: Younis shows his masterpiece. More artwork this week! Everyone who wanted to work with this project has gotten a turn, so some people who wanted a second turn made a new piece. Here’s Orlando’s art: Naomi’s piece is very symmetrical: Derick’s art this week is based on the Lord of the Rings: “It’s the castle with lots of archers on top, defending them
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Teacher Nobie’s K/1 Class, 9/20/13

Above: Ingrid shows her picture “It has stars in it.” Today at choice time we continued making artwork. Mariyah worked a lot with tape. Ahndy did a lot with twisting tape, glue, and then added more drawing. Jocelyn shows her work: “It’s a lake with falling leaves.” Iisis worked for a long time gluing tissue paper, then cutting around her creation and gluing it
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Teacher Nobie’s K/1 Class, 9/16/13

Above: Margot and Miranda share a giggle It’s hard to believe we’ve been in school a month already! Here are some pictures from the last couple weeks: Our new PE class with Mr. Bear Planting a sidewalk garden with Garden Teacher Ingrid Playing with Lincoln Logs at choice time Block building- Tahir has made a tall tower A Magna Tile tower with decorations On
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