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Teacher Nobie’s K/1 Class, 1/18/13

Above: Derek joined our class after winter break. He’s showing his snowflake. We started our dance class today! Friday afternoons from 1-1.45 a dance teacher comes to our class through the Artist in Residence program. Ask your student to show you some of the moves they learned. During choice time we continued making snowflakes. Even though it’s San Francisco, we still think about snow
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Teacher Nobie’s K/1 class, 12/21/12

We had Project Open House last night! Lots of families came and we showed the work we’ve been doing on our Community project. We ended the presentation by singing “It’s a Wonderful World”. We made snowflakes during choice time; we’ll make some more in January so that people who didn’t get a turn today can make some. At library time Tawnya showed us a
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Teacher Nobie’s K-1 Class, 11/30/12

Our class quilt is finished! We spread it out on the floor to examine it more closely. The squares are arranged alphabetically by person’s name, so we went through the alphabet and found each person’s square. Chi-An (who put the quilt together) says: I liked how everyone did a square, even those people that don’t like drawing so much. We all contributed to the
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Teacher Nobie’s Class, 11/16/12

Above: Treazure shows his quilt square. We’ve finished our quilt squares and they’ll be sewn together to make the class community quilt. Here’s a peek at what we did at choice time: Lia: I made a lipgloss and a birdhouse. Chloe and Sandy’s structures. Ben: This house is closed. Isalena and Miranda made drawings for each other (center and right). Margot drew a rainbow
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Teacher Nobie’s K-1 class, 11/9/12

Above: Ben lets his quilt square do the talking. At choice time today we continued working on our quilt project. Camilo shows his square. Orlando shows some love. Isalena shows her self-portrait. It includes a ladybug. Lia’s square has lots of colored snowballs and pink polka-dots! Christopher and Fredy are working on their pictures. Christopher’s name is really long, so Fredy gave him a
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Teacher Nobie’s K-1 Class, 11/2/12

Above: Iisis with her finished drawing. Today we started a quilt as part of our Community project. Our classroom is one example of a community to which we all belong. Each person in the class is going to draw a picture of themselves on a fabric square. When they are all finished, they will be sewn together into one quilt to represent our classroom
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Teacher Nobie’s K-1 class, 10/26/12

Our question of the day is: What is your favorite thing to do at choice time? We’re at the clay table. Jacob: I’m not sure yet what I’m making. Fredy: I’m thinking of what to make. A snake. It’s candy. Chi-An: Are those little blue balls gumdrops? Jacob: Yeah. Fredy’s candy has come over to get some candy. Jacob: Bite these candies! Fredy: If
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